Look Ahead, but Keep an Eye Out for Others.

I don’t know about you all but I’m very excited for the announcements coming out of Partner Exchange and VMware this year. With the successful beta of vSphere 6, and the beta work around fault tolerance, vMotion and scale; I am confident that this announcement set will be huge to say the least.
With these announcements, though I get to wondering. At what point do we need to stop and bring up the folks that haven’t yet been indoctrinated in the virtual church, per se? I had a great call with a few people today, several calls actually and within those calls we spent a LOT of time digging into the 101; the basics of virtualization. One of the comments really made me think. There’s actually still perception out there that the relationship between virtual machinery and its host is a 1:1 thing. While those of us who’ve been dealing with this platform for years and have taken the pill, gone down the rabbit hole and never returned continue to thrive in the new; there’s a whole contingency of folks who need our guidance and have some terrific, sometimes naïve and pure insights to share. Let’s face it, sometimes those naïve insights are the best since they see things with fresh eyes.
So, as we anxiously await content coming our way for new announcements in the field, let’s make sure we take the time to look down, so to speak. Reach out and find someone in your office who might be afraid to ask the obvious question. Put down the latest vBlog and explain these amazing (and often complex) concepts to someone new to the idea. You’ll both be better for it.

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