vSphere 6 – Platform Services Controller (PSC):…

Check out this great post on the Platform Services Controller in vSphere 6!

vSphere 6 – Platform Services Controller (PSC):…

In vSphere 6.0 the architecture has changed quite a bit and there are some new concepts to learn. In this post I will talk about the changes in architecture and in particular the Platform Services Controller (PSC) because it will determine how you install or upgrade your environment. You’ll find other articles about the PSC, this post will help in giving an idea of what are the changes related to architecture in vSphere 6.0 and what are the design decisions you need to make with regards to Platform Services Controller (PSC) when installing or upgrading an environment for vSphere 6. In previous versions, the application side (Management, Operations etc.) was bundled together with the security and authentication. With version 5.1 and…Read More

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