vCloud Air Disaster Recovery 2.0

vCloud Air Disaster Recovery 2.0 is alive! This is a major release and includes the features and new functionality we’ve been talking about in our sessions so far this year.

For more on some core use cases and details for vCloud Air, you can check out these links:

vCloud Air Use Cases DisasterRecovery

20150211 vCloud Air Use Cases LicensePortability



New features in this release:

1. Native Failback: simplifies the failback process by enabling customers to reverse replication traffic from the cloud when there is a need to restore VMs to their on-premises vSphere environment;

2. Multiple Point-In-Time Instances: allows for customers to choose from multiple instances when performing a failover operation;

3. Self-service Automation: offers building blocks to enable customers to define and develop automation to assist with recovery operations using a new vRealize Orchestrator plug-in, open source DR Command Line Interface (CLI)  and an expanded REST API.

As always, be sure to stay tuned for more updates and enablement content, and be sure to check out http://bit.ly/bvm-tv for more videos!

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