Even More GA Announcements

VMware has been hard at work again and I’ve got several new GA announcements for you today! Be sure to check this out and reach out to your local teams and engineers for more details on these super products!


General Availability of Virtual SAN 6.2.

This release’s key focus areas are Storage Efficiency for All-Flash (Dedupe/Compression, Erasure Coding), Data Resiliency (Software Checksum and disk scrubber), and Advanced management and troubleshooting (HealthUI enhancements and performance service). These new features will enable us to have a unique Hyper-Converged Infrastructure product for Enterprise and Midmarket, establish our leadership on All-Flash HCI market, while expanding the use cases of the product to all the enterprise workloads.

GA Date: March 15th, 2015

New product enhancements include:

· All-Flash Deduplication/Compression: Deduplication eliminates duplicate copies of repeating data within the same Disk Group. This feature is enabled/disabled for the whole cluster. Dedupe and compression happens during de-staging from the caching tier to the capacity tier (Deduplication first and then compression). The main value add is storage savings that could range between 2x to 7x depending on the workloads
· All-Flash Erasure Coding(RAID5/RAID6): Erasure coding(EC) is a method of data protection in which data is broken into fragments that are expanded and encoded with a configurable number of redundant pieces of data and stored across different nodes. This provides the ability to recover the original data even if some fragments are missing. Erasure coding will provide a much more storage efficient way of providing FTT=1 and FTT=2 on VSAN. This is a setting per VMDK/Object (RAID5 is 3+1 and RAID6 is 4+2).
· Usability & Manageability:
o Performance monitoring: Comprehensive performance monitoring in vCenter UI with common metrics across all levels (cluster, individual physical SSD/HDD, virtual disks)
o Capacity reporting: a VSAN specific capacity view to report cluster-wide space utilization as well as detailed breakdown by data/object types. When dedup/compression/EC is enabled, it shows normalized space utilization and savings of these features
o Health Service enhancements: proactive rebalance from UI, event based VC alarming, etc.
o SDK for Automation & Third party integration: VSAN management SDK extended from vSphere API to deploy/config/manage/monitor VSAN. This will be available through many language binding (Soap, .Net, Java, Perl, Python, and Ruby) & will include code samples.
· Software Checksum: end-to-end checksum that helps provide data integrity by detecting and repairing data corruption that could be caused by bit rot or other issues in the physical storage media. checksum is enabled by default, but may be enabled or disabled on per virtual machine/object basis via SPBM.
· Quality of Service (QoS): Set IOPS Limits: This provides the ability to set the maximum IOPS a VMDK can take (This will be a hard limit). This is a setting per VMDK, through Storage Policy-Based Management (SPBM). Customers wanting to mix diverse workloads will be interested in being able to keep workloads from impacting each other and avoiding the noisy neighbor issue.
· IPv6 Support: Support for pure IPv6 environments
Product links
· Product Download: https://my.vmware.com/group/vmware/info/slug/datacenter_cloud_infrastructure/vmware_virtual_san/6_2
· Doc Landing: http://www.vmware.com/support/pubs/virtual-san-pubs.html
· Release Notes: http://pubs.vmware.com/Release_Notes/en/vsan/62/vmware-virtual-san-62-release-notes.html
· Administration Guide: http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-60/topic/com.vmware.vsphere.virtualsan.doc/GUID-AEF15062-1ED9-4E2B-BA12-A5CE0932B976.html
· Hardware Compatibility List: https://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/search.php?deviceCategory=vsan
· Certification Suite: https://developercenter.vmware.com/group/storage/virtual-san/certs/6.2
· Virtual SAN Mgmt SDK: http://developercenter.vmware.com/sdks​ (also available from Product Download Page)

vRealize Suite 7.0.0. is now GA and live on VMware.com. Also available as part of vCloud Suite 7.0.0

GA Date: Mar 15th, 2016

What’s new?

Simplified Suite packaging aligned to SDDC Use cases

Intelligent Operations
Automated IT to IaaS
DevOps-Ready IT
Flexible licensing to support Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Portable licensing protects customer investments in VMware
Suite level installer(beta) – vROPs & vRLI

Consistent Customer experience and faster time to value
Consistent platform support

Database, OS, Tomcat, TLS, browsers(Chrome, Firefox)
Enterprise readiness improvements

Logging enhancements, Ability to Quiesce for consistent backups.
Download Details:

vRealize Suite Download Landing Page
vRealize Suite Documentation Landing Page
Release Notes
vCloud Suite Download Landing Page
For more information, please refer to the following resources

Product page

vRS overview video

Feature walk through



VMware vRealize Code Stream 2.0 is now live on http://www.vmware.com.

GA Date: 3/15/2016

What’s new?

vRealize Code Stream 2.0 provides features across the following categories:

·         Parallel Task Execution

·         Single Appliance Deployment

·         Reporting Capability

·         Integration Enhancements

·         Other Enhancements

Download Details:

Download Landing Page


Evaluation Page


Documentation Landing Page


Release Notes





vRealize Automation 7.0.1. , is now GA and live on VMware.com.

GA Date: March 15th, 2016

What’s new?

vRealize Automation 7.0.1 is the first maintance release for the cutting edge release of vRA 7.0. This release provides fixes in all areas but primarily focused on lifecycle of vRA, including Installation and Upgrade, Enterprise Readiness, Performance and Scale. With a surge of customers interested in the capabilities of vRA 7, this release will enable the customers to move to 7.0.1 and use it as a quality baseline platform for next generation of automation.

Defects fixed were in the following areas:

·         vRealize Suite 7.0 Licensing Changes

·         End-to-end scenarios

·         Installation and Upgrade

·         Enterprise Readiness

·         Performance and Scale

Download Details:

Download Landing Page
Documentation Landing Page
Release Notes
Builds number
vRA Appliance – Build 3622989
vRA Java-SDK – Build 3621464

For more information, please refer to the following resources

Product page


vRealize Business for Cloud 7.0.1. and vRealize Business Enterprise 8.2.5 are now GA and live onVMware.com.

GA Date: March 15th, 2016

What’s new?

vRealize Business for Cloud 7.0.1

  • Branding Change. vRealize Business Standard is rebranded to vRealize Business for Cloud.
  • Supports for multiple versions of vRealize Automation.The release of vRealize Business for Cloud 7.0.1 is compatible with the vRealize Automation 6.2.4, 7.0 and 7.0.1 releases.
  • Enables the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP).  Allows VMware to collect technical details about vRealize Business for Cloud usage anonymously. This helps VMware to improve the product and features you use most often and to help solve problems.
  • View public cloud historical data. You can view the public cloud account details and its cost for the past months, similar to vCenter Server virtual machine historical reports.
  • Support new currencies.  The new currencies supported are Thai Baht, DKK – Danish Krone, BRL – Brazilian Real and MXN – Mexican Peso.
  • Download support files for remote data collection. You can download the support file to get support for the remote data collection issues.
  • Better troubleshooting with vRealize Log Insight. You can configure the vRealize Business for Cloud log files to send the details to the system log servers such as vRealize Log Insight for analyzing the operational visibility and provide faster troubleshooting.
  • Localization support. vRealize Business for Cloud 7.0.1 is available in following languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
    ·         In addition, this release fixes issues in the following areas to enhance the user experience and suite interoperability: Upgrade issues, Integration, Configuration and Provisioning

vRealize Business Enterprise 8.2.5

Installation and packaging – ITFM is now available only with the enterprise edition (that contains SLM as well), former vRB advanced customers now entitled for enterprise edition
Reports – major enhancements for table, timeline, Google Map and map reports
Adaptors – major enhancements for database, web form and flat file adapters
Cost Model
Data Management – enhancements for – DB connection pool, Business service and organization dimensions
Security – fixing security related issues
Download Details:

vRealize Business for Cloud 7.0.1

Download Landing Page
Documentation Landing Page
Release Notes

vRealize Business Enterprise 8.2.5

Download Landing Page
Documentation Landing Page
Release Notes

VMware vRealize Log Insight 3.3.1 

What’s new?
o Resolved an issue affecting agent stability.

For more information please refer to the RN (links below).

Download Landing Page

Documentation Landing

Release Notes


As always, be sure to check out BigVirtualMe TV for more enablement on these topics and more!

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